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​He now is using the C&F Chest Patch Fly Box on our Game Changer Lanyard

   Are these Lanyards only used for fly fishing?  No, many anglers use a Lanyard fishing for Bass, Catfish, Red Fish, Bone Fish, Corbina from shore and just     about any type of Fishing

   Fly Box Attachments? If you want to carry a Fly Box on your Lanyard we add 2 cord lock sliders and 2 spring clips on any of the Lanyards you see.

   The Game Changer Lanyard already comes with these attachments, the cord sliders allow you to adjust your fly box up or down.

   How do I pick the right Lanyard for me?   Think of the tools you always carry and how many attachments you will need for them. Some Lanyards have more     attachment points than others. If you see a Lanyard you really like but its not the right color for you we can swap colors for you

   What are the spools for I see on the Lanyards?  The spools are called Tippet Line, we make our own tippet holder for every Lanyard and is easily removed     for quick loading of spools. Tippet comes in all size line test, so for 3.5-pound test use 6X Tippet, 8.5-pound test use 3X.

  The higher the number the smaller the line. After changing flies your line starts to shorten so these spools give you instant access to pull off a new length of the    size line you need

   What is the benefit of a Golden Trout Lanyard?  Our Lanyards are made with 550 lb paracord no one does this, and designed to let the Tippet Spools move     forward 1.25” allowing the Lanyard to stay close to your chest, no other Lanyard does this! Each Lanyard comes with a 32” retractor for your most used tool         usually nippers. Everything you need to be productive catching fish is all on your Lanyard, when your done fishing keep it in your truck and your always ready       to fish. You’re not unzipping pockets looking for your tools. Summer vests get hot and a Lanyard is a cool and lightweight alternative. Can also be worn in the       Winter over a Down Jacket

   What is the clip at the bottom for?  We use a spring bulldog clip that attaches to your shirt or waders so the Lanyard does not swing out away from you             when your bending down to net the fish.

   What is the Lanyard made of?   We use 550 Mil Spec Paracord resistant to rot and mildew. More color variations for your choice of color and style

   Lanyard Safety?  We add a safety break-away on the cord that will pull apart should you get hung up in branches. It is strong enough to stay connected but is     there for your comfort. Most guides DO NOT have these on their Lanyard and that is an option for your Lanyard *No one has ever died from a Lanyard

   If you don't want a Break-Away on your Lanyard please tell us when you order

   What are the Black Plastic things? Some of the Lanyards have detachable clips so if you want to quickly remove your nippers or Forceps you can.

   Tools and Accessories? "Sorry we do not sell any of these items without the purchase of a Lanyard", We do not stock huge inventory's of these items       we carry them as a convenience to the angler so you can set up your Lanyard all right here and not have to shop around and pay multiple shipping fees.

   Shipping?  We usually ship on Tuesday's and Friday's unless you need something sooner please contact us with your timeline.